Dental implants are becoming famous day by day because of its ability to provide a life like appearance and longevity. Most of the latter hold true because of the presence of the titanium post embedded in the jawbone. As titanium has a tendency to fuse with the bone, new cells regenerate and adhere to the dental implant as the time goes by, which makes their association stronger and more durable. Certainly, to attain that calls for an implant surgery, something to ponder upon for the patient before they select this replacement option. However, implant surgery is a routine undertaking, causes zero discomfort and dealt in the trained hands which has a very high success rate. So, to book an appointment with us, visit

Here are the reasons to why you should never be reluctant or fearful about getting a dental implant:

  1. The entire process is planned precisely.

Implant surgery is relatively a minor process, due to its placement details which are often mapped out way ahead of time. In case of complicated scenarios, your dentist makes the use of x ray or CT imaging to ascertain the precise spot for each implant and build a surgical guide to use in the ongoing process in order to make accurate incisions and small channels that will hold the implant stable.

  1. The implant surgery can be conducted with local anesthesia

The dental implant surgery is easier that tooth extraction only if you are healthy enough for the implant procedure. With the help of a local anesthetic, your dentists will only numb the implant position and the adjacent and surrounding tissues while you remain conscious at all times. But, if you have anxiety issues, your dentist can also include a sedative or an anti-anxiety pill before they proceed with the surgery.

  1. There is minimal or no discomfort after the surgery

All credits to the pre-planned surgical guide and advanced implantation procedures which makes it possible for very little tissue disruption and incised tissues and usually stitched with the help of self-absorbing sutures. While in some scenarios, you might need stronger pain relievers, mostly a mild non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID like aspirin or ibuprofen is enough for discomfort caused post-surgery.

The implant position tends to heal quickly with around 95 to 97 success rate. A few weeks after the bone integration, your dentist will install a permanent crown and you will be equipped with a fully functional implant as well as a complete and healthy smile.


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